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Chem 1: Lecture Notes


The notes from Chapters 1 to 3, 11, 4, 25 & 5-8 have been moved to the Notes Archive page, where the links will remain active through the rest of the school year.


Chapter 9: Covalent Compounds


Additional Files*

Jan. 31

Covalent Bonding


Feb. 1

Naming & Formulas of Molecular Compounds & Acids


Feb. 2

Molecular Structures: Structural Formulas


Feb. 5


VSEPR: Electron Domain Geometries 2, 3, 4VSEPR: Molecular Geometries 2, 3, 4 Regions

Feb. 7

Electronegativity & Bond Polarity


Feb. 12

Polarity of Molecules

Notes Period 1

Notes Period 3


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Chapter 10-12: Chemical Reactions & Stoichiometry


Additional Files*

Feb. 20

Reactions & Balancing Equations (Handout)

Reactions & Equations PDF

Feb. 22

Classifying Chemical Reactions

Classifying Chemical Reactions PDF

Feb. 23

Single Replacement Reactions

Metals & Hydrogen Activity Series

Feb. 26

Oxidation-Reduction Reactions


Feb. 27

Precipitation Reactions; Solubility Rules

Solubility Rules JPG

Feb. 28

Double Replacement Reactions



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