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Chem 1: Resources


The textbook’s online site is available to help you with studying. The book itself is available (requires Adobe Reader, a free download) as well as practice quizzes and extra tutorials. Go to Chemistry: Matter & Change (will open in a new window) and select the option of your choice. To access the online book, click on “Online Student Edition” and enter the access code CC2EEA4E6F.


Here is the Test Reference Packet used for every test and quiz.


Here is a web page with practice problems for wavelength, frequency & energy. When I looked at the page, the Greek letters weren’t displaying properly: “l” should be “λ” and “n” should be “ν.”


Here is the video, from 2012-13, of my demo with the alkali metals in water. Watch for the unexpectedly vigorous reaction at the end!


And here is the video continuing down the group to rubidium and cesium:


Chapters 17 & 18. Here is a link to some online practice quizzes that are close to our level.



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