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November 20, 2017

This week we will continue Chapter 25, Nuclear Chemistry. Because of Thanksgiving there is no lab this week, but on Wednesday we will start working on a PhET (in the 20-minute class time) exploring nuclear processes.



The calendars for September through the first week of November have been moved to the Calendar Archive page, where all of the links will remain active through the rest of the year.


Color Key

Period 1

Period 3


November  2017

    Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
    6 7 8 9 10
Syllabus 9-10  

Review Ch. 4


Strategies for MC


HW: Study for Ch. 4 Quest

Ch. 4 Quest


Chadwick Discovery of Neutron WKS


HW #4-4

Making “Cents” Lab Due (All)


Ch. 25.1: Nuclear Radiation


Nuclear Radiation WS (Key)


HW #25-1

Teachers’ Professional Day–No School

Teachers’ Professional Day–No School

    13 14 15 1st MP Ends 16 17
Syllabus 11-12  

Ch. 25.2: Nuclear Decay Equations


Nuclear Decay Equations WS (Key)


HW #25-2

Ch. 25.2: Nuclear Stability & The Strong Nuclear Force; Radioactive Decay


Nuclear Stability WS (Key)


HW #25-3

Ch. 25.3: Radioactive Decay Rates, Half Life and Radiochemical Dating


Half-Life WS (Key)


HW #25-4

Quiz. Ch. 25.1-25.3


Ch. 25.2-25.3: Radioactive Decay Series & Induced Transmutation


Decay Series-Induced Transmutation WS (Key)


HW #25-5

Ch. 25.4: Nuclear Fission


Nuclear Fission WS (Key)


HW #25-6

Minilab: Pennium Decay/ Carbon-14 Dating (Due 11/21) Minilab: Pennium Decay/ Carbon-14 Dating (Due 11/21)

    20 21 22 ½ Day 23 24
Syllabus 11-12  

Ch. 25.4: Nuclear Fusion; Nuclear Energy


Nuclear Fusion WS


HW #25-7

Pennium Decay Lab Due (All)


Ch. 25.4: Nuclear Energy


Nuclear Energy WS


Star Born WS / Star Born Article (Due 11/29)


HW #25-8

Minilab: Nuclear Processes PhETs (Due 11/28)

Thanksgiving Day–No School

Thanksgiving Recess–No School

    27 28 29 30 Dec 1
Tentative Schedule Week 13    

Nuclear Processes Due

Star Born Due

Ch. 25 Test





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