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Chem 1


September 9, 2019

This week we will have two short quizzes--one on Lab Safety on Mondy and one on Chapter 1, Matter & the Scientific Method on Thursday. Our first lab will be on Thursday, and it will introduce us to observatations and begin exploring different types of changes that we will see throughout the year.


As each unit is completed, the appropriate calendar weeks will be moved to the Calendar Archive page, where all of the links will remain active through the rest of the year.


September  2019

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Week 1

Syllabus 1-2


Labor Day

Staff In-Service Day

Staff In-Service Day

Course Introduction


Chemistry Demos


Safety, Lab Equipment


Lab Safety Rules

Lab Equipment


HW: Google Form, Sign up for Remind (go to Homework page); Lab Safety Slip

Ch. 1.3: Scientific Method & CER Analysis


Scientific Method/CER WS (Key)


HW #1-1

    9 10 11 12 13

Week 2

Syllabus 1-2


Lab Safety Quiz


Ch. 1.1-1.2: The Stories of Two Chemicals; Chemistry & Matter


Chemistry & Matter WS (Key)


HW #1-2

Chapter 3.3-3.4: Mixtures, Elements & Compounds


POGIL: Classification of Matter (Key)


Elements, Compounds, Mixtures WS (Key)


HW #3-1

Quiz Chapter 1


Ch. 3.1-3.2: States of Matter; Changes in Matter


Chemical & Physical Properties & Changes WS (Key)


HW #3-2; Read & Highlight Lab

Ch. 3.4: Law of Definite Proportions & Multiple Proportions


Introduction to the Periodic Table


Definite & Multiple Proportions WS


HW #3-3


Mini-lab: Evidence of an Interaction (due 9/18)

Introduction to the Periodic Table


Chapter 3 Review WKS


HW #3-4

    16 17 18 19 20

Week 3


Review Ch. 3


Work on Mixture Lab


HW: Study for Chapter 3 Quest

ALL: Chapter 3 Quest


Complete Video Notes #1&2: Units/Scientific Notation (About the Flipped Classroom)

CuCl2/Al Lab Due


Ch. 2.1-2.2: Units of Measurement; Scientific Notation


Units, Density & Scientific Notation WS


HW #2-1; Complete Video Notes #3&4: Accuracy-Precision/
Significant Figures in Measurements

Ch. 2.3: Accuracy & Precision; Significant Figures in Measurements


Accuracy, Precision, & Significant Figures in Measurements WS


HW #2-2; Complete Video Notes #5: Significant Figures in Calculations


Mini-lab:Separation of a Mixture (Due 9/26)


Ch. 2.3: Significant Figures in Calculations


Significant Figures in Calculations WS


HW #2-3; Complete Video Notes#6&7: Introduction to Dimensional Analysis.

    23 24 25 26 27

Week 4


Ch. 2.2: Dimensional Analysis I: The Process


Dimensional Analysis WS 1


HW #2-4; Complete Video Notes #8: Metric System Conversions

Quiz Ch. 2.3: Significant Figures


Ch. 2.2: Dimensional Analysis II: Metric Conversions


Dimensional Analysis WS 2


HW #2-5; Complete Video Notes #9: Double Unit Conversions

Ch. 2.2: Dimensional Analysis III:

Double Units


Dimensional Analysis WS 3


HW: Read/ Highlight Lab & Prelab

Separation Lab Due


Lab: Density (due 10/3)


HW #2-6; Complete Video Notes #10: Graphing

Ch. 2.4: Representing Data


Graphing Worksheet


HW #2-7




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