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Chem II AP

Course Description

Length of Course One Year
Credit 6.0
Grade Level 11 and 12
Prerequisites Chemistry 1 Honors (see restrictions below)

Chemistry II, AP - 7154 is designed to take the place of a first-year college or university chemistry course. Chemistry II AP also takes the place of the separate laboratory course that typically accompanies first-year college/university chemistry. 


Students who achieve a satisfactory score on the CEEB Advanced Placement Examination in Chemistry may receive advanced placement and advanced credit in chemistry.  Outstanding students may thereby opt to begin their college or university studies with higher level chemistry courses, permitting them to achieve more during their college careers. 


The emphasis placed on particular aspects of chemistry varies between colleges and universities, however most introductory first-year chemistry courses consist of a broad course in physical-inorganic chemistry.  The purpose of Chemistry II AP-7154 is to cover the subject material broadly in order to prepare students either to by-pass such introductory courses or to prepare them to achieve excellence in their first-year chemistry course.



Chemistry II - AP is equivalent to a first-year college chemistry course.


Upon completion of this course students should plan to take the Advanced Placement Exam.Therefore, topics discussed are those prescribed by the College Entrance Examination Board (CEEB). Major emphasis is placed on theoretical and quantitative aspects of physical-inorganic chemistry. The goal is to develop each student’s ability to think clearly, express ideas with logic and clarity, and attain competence with chemical word problems. After the AP exam in May, students work on a “short course” in qualitative analysis. Chemistry II – AP requires a commitment to extended laboratory sessions (lab experiments typically require 3-4 hours) to approximately 5 p.m. However, nearly every sport and activity has been accommodated in past years without excessive inconvenience.


Restricted for students in 11th grade to those with a very strong recommendation from their 10th grade chemistry teacher and to those who have successfully completed and achieved an “A” in their first-year honors course in chemistry (Chemistry I - Honors, 7133) and physics (Physics I - Honors, 7443) or who are concurrently enrolled in Physics I H (7443). Students should be in the honors math course appropriate for their grade.


Restricted for students in 12th grade to those with a strong recommendation from their science teacher, who have successfully completed a first-year physics course, and who have strong math skills.

This course is recommended for the student who has demonstrated a strong proficiency and interest in the sciences and in chemistry.


Whenever possible, Organic Chemistry (7138 or 7148) should be taken prior to this course or concurrently, if scheduling permits.