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Chem II AP: Laboratories


General Lab Safety Rules
Lab Report Guidelines

# Date Laboratory
1 9/13

Determination of Chemical Formula (Prelab Key)

2 9/20 Gravimetric Analysis of a Metal Carbonate
3 9/27 Using Color to Determine the Mass of Cu in Brass
4 10/4 Percentage of H2O2 in Drugstore Hydrogen Peroxide
5 10/11 Finding the Ratio of Moles of Reactants (Prelab Key)
6 10/18

Molar Mass of a Volatile Liquid Prelab (Prelab Key) (Postlab Key)

7 10/25 Heat Effects and Calorimetry (ASA Key)
8 11/1 The Alkaline Earths and the Halogens
9 12/6 Geometric Structures
10 12/13 Separation of a Dye Mixture Using Chromatography
11 12/20 Mini-Lab: Heat of Fusion of Water
12 1/10 Kinetics of Crystal Violet Fading
13 1/31 Determination of Keq for FeSCN2+
14 2/7

Determination of Molar Mass and Ka of an Unknown Acid



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