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March 19, 2018

This week we continue Chapter 18, Spontaneity and Free Energy. There is no lab for this short unit, and the test is scheduled for Friday.


Update 3/21: As mentioned in class on Tuesday, as a result of today’s snow day, all of the Chapter 18 review material will be due and checked on Thursday. See calendar below and updated Syllabus for details.


Here is an online Mahjong game (needs Flash) in which you can practice concepts such as oxidation number, names & formulas of polyatomic ions, solubility (precipitation reactions), isoelectronic species, and names & symbols of the elements.


The calendars from September through February have been moved to the Old Calendars page, where all of the links will remain active for the remainder of the year.


March  2018

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Syllabus 25-26  

Ch. 16.6: Solubility Equilibria & Ksp


HW #16-6 (Answers) Key


Ch. 16.7-16.8: Fractional Precipitation and Common Ion Effect (Solubility)


Titration Curves-Ksp-Buffer WKS (Google Drive Only)


HW #16-7 (Answers) Key

HW #16-9a

Pre-lab for Solubility Product of an Ionic Compound LAB


Snow Day!

Snow Day!

Ch. 16.9-16.10: pH and Solubility and Complex Ion Equilibria


HW 16-8 (Answers) Key

Finish 16-9b (Key in Google Drive)

    12 13 14 15 16

Syllabus 27-28


Ch. 16 Review List 


Chapter 16 Review-Part I (Answers) Key


Ch. 16 MC Review (Answers) Key


Buffer-Titration Ka Challenge Problem (Key)


HW # 16-10

Work on Review –Part II (Answers) Key


CuBr in CN Challenge Problem(Key)


Study Guide p. 341 #23 (Key)


Study Guide p. 346 #12 Corrected


HW #16-11: Review Chap 16(Part II)–all book and #23 in SG are required!

Introduction to Qualitative Analysis Demo (15 mins)


Qualitative Analysis Demo


HW:  Study for Ch. 16 Test

Ch 18-18.4:  Spontaneous Processes; Entropy; Second Law of Thermodynamics


TEST- Chap 16-Acid-Base and Solubility Equilibria


HW # 18-1 (Answers) Key

Ch. 18.5: Spontaneity & Gibbs Free Energy


HW #18-2 (Answers) Key

    19 20 21 22 23

Syllabus 27-28*Updated


Ch. 18.6-18.7: Free Energy and Chemical Equilibrium; Coupled Reactions


HW #18-3 (Answers)

Ch. 18 Review List


Ch. 18 MC Review (Answers)


Thermodynamics Review WS


HW #18-4

Snow Day!


Ch. 18 Book Review Problems (Answers)


HW #18-5

Go over Ch. 18 Review


Ch. 19.1: Redox Reactions

Test Chapter 18


HW #19-1 (Answers)

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Tentative Schedule Week 29  

Ch. 19.2-19.3: Galvanic Cells; Standard Reduction Potentials


HW #19-2 (Answers)

Ch. 19.4: Spontaneity of Redox Reactions


HW #19-3 (Answers)

Ch. 19.5: The Effect of Concentration on EMF


HW: Voltaic Cells (Vonderbrink #22) Prelab

Lab: Voltaic Cells (Vonderbrink #22)


HW #19-4 (Answers)

Good Friday–No School


April  2018

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Spring Break–No School

Spring Break–No School

Spring Break–No School

Spring Break–No School

Spring Break–No School

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Tentative Schedule Week 30  

Ch. 19.6-19.7: Batteries; Corrosion


HW #19-5

Ch. 19.8: Electrolysis


Demo: Hydrolysis of Water w/ Indicator

Lab Demo: Electrolysis (Vonderbrink #23)


Demo: Hydrolysis of KI(aq)

HW #19-6

Chapter 19 Review Sheet


Chapter 19 MC Review


SG Problem #20 Correct Solution


HW #19-7


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3rd MP Ends
Tentative Schedule Week 31  

Class Does Not Meet

Test Chapter 19

Class Does Not Meet


Class Does Not Meet

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Tentative Schedule Week 32            



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