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Chem II AP


November 20, 2017

This week we finish Chapter 8, Periodic Relationships.


Here is an online Mahjong game (needs Flash) in which you can practice concepts such as oxidation number, names & formulas of polyatomic ions, solubility (precipitation reactions), isoelectronic species, and names & symbols of the elements.


The calendars from September to the first two weeks of November have been moved to the Old Calendars page, where all of the links will remain active for the remainder of the year.


November  2017

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    13 14 15 1st MP Ends 16 17
Syllabus 11-12  

Review Chapter 7


Ch. 7 Review Sheet (Answers) Key


Ch. 7 MC Review (Key)


HW #7-6

Ch. 8.1-8.2: The Periodic Table

Ch. 8.3: Periodic Variation in Physical Properties: Effective Shielding, Atomic & Ionic Radius

Test Chapter 7


HW: Lab: Separating a Synthetic Pain Relief Mixture (Flinn #9) Prelab

Lab: Separating a Synthetic Pain Relief Mixture (Flinn #9)


HW #8-1 (No Calculations) Key

Ch. 8.4-8.5: Ionization Energy & Electron Affinity


HW #8-2 (No Calculations) Key

    20 21 22 ½ Day 23 24
Syllabus 11-12  

Photoelectron Spectroscopy


Photoelectron Spectroscopy WS


HW #8-3 (Answers)

Ch. 8.6: Variation in Chemical Properties


HW #8-4 (No Calculations)

Ch. 8 Review List (No Calculations)


Ch. 8 MC Review


Synthesis-Decomposition WS


Photoelectron Spectroscopy Review WS


HW #8-5

Thanksgiving Day–No School

Thanksgiving Recess–No School

    27 28 29 30 Dec 1
Tentative Schedule Week 13  

Check Ch. 8 Review Book Problems


Work on Rxn & PES WKSs


HW #8-6

Ch. 9.1-9.3: Ionic Bonds & Lattice Energy; Born-Haber Cycle

Test Chapter 8


HW #9-1





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