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Chem Honors

Course Description

Length of Course One Year
Course # 7133
Credit 6.0
Grade Level 10, 11, 12
Prerequisites Biology 1

The instructional approach of this course is more inductive than in traditional college-prep Chemistry I (7131).  This inductive approach is grounded in experimental observation and analysis and stresses the inquiry approach to scientific study.  A strong emphasis is placed on the experimental basis for learned chemical concepts.  Seldom is a hypothesis or theory presented without the student collecting related experimental evidence in the laboratory.  This sometimes encourages the student to “discover” those laws and regularities that form the basis for a particular chemical concept.  Chemistry I – Honors is designed for students with both a strong interest and an aptitude in the sciences and mathematics.  Honors math students are advised to choose this chemistry course.

Restricted for 10th grade to those students with a strong recommendation from their 9th grade science teacher and possessing the requisite math skills and math course work. This course is recommended for students who have demonstrated a facility in science and mathematics, and especially for students with a career interest in science related fields and engineering.



Chemistry represents the combined inspired thinking and creativity of many cultures over many centuries. Each significant development rests upon the previous discoveries of other scientists and mathematicians. This historical perspective will be stressed throughout the course. Chemical principles are universal and the course will present real-life applications that relate to all students. Opportunities to focus on diversity issues will include but are not limited to discussions of the contributions of scientists from various cultural backgrounds and the reinforcement of the need for students to respect the work of others regardless of gender, political affiliation, religious background and beliefs, and ethnicity.


The content, scope and sequence of the three first year chemistry courses (Chemistry Concepts, Chemistry 1, and Chemistry 1 Honors) are similar since all three courses cover those introductory topics associated with a first year chemistry course. However, the depth of the content coverage and discussion varies widely among these three courses. Mathematical calculations are increasingly more complex and challenging in moving from Chemistry Concepts to Chemistry 1 to Chemistry 1 honors. The reliance on an inductive approach to the development of concepts is more prevalent in the Chemistry 1 Honors than in either Chemistry 1 or Chemistry Concepts in which the deductive approach to material is favored. Chemistry 1 is a traditional college preparatory course in inorganic chemistry that will prepare the students for further studies in the sciences.