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Chem Honors: Lecture Notes



The notes from Unit 1-12 have been moved to the Notes Archive page, where the links will be active for the remainder of the year.


Unit 13: Spontaneity & Kinetics


Additional Files*

Mar. 26

Thermochemistry: Endothermic & Exothermic Energy Diagrams (Class Notes)


April 1

Entropy & Spontaneity (Class Notes)


April 2

Gibb’s Free Energy (Class Notes)


April 3

State Functions & Hess’s Law I (Class Notes)

State Functions & Hess’s Law I PDF

April 4

ΔH of Formation & Hess’s Law (Class Notes)

Standard Heats of Formation

April 5

Heating & Cooling Curves (Class Notes)


April 8

Kinetics: Energy Diagrams & Collision Theory (Class Notes)

Kinetics: Energy Diagrams & Collision Theory PDF

April 10

Factors Affecting Reaction Rates (Class Notes)

Factors Affecting Reaction Rates PDF

Apr. 22

The Rate Law (Class Notes)

The Rate Law PDF

Apr. 23

Reaction Mechanisms (Class Notes)

Reaction Mechanisms PDF


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