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Chem Honors: Lecture Notes



The notes from Units 1 & 2 have been moved to the Notes Archive page, where the links will be active for the remainder of the year.


Unit 3: Moles & Stoichiometry


Additional Files*

Sept. 29

Introduction to Moles & Stoichiometry: Electrolysis of H2O & Volumes of Gases (Avogadro’s Hypothesis)

Hoffman Apparatus for Water Electrolysis

Oct. 2

Masses of Gases Demo (Class Data)


Oct. 3

Molar Mass; Moles-Mass; Moles-Particles


Oct. 5

Mass-Particles; Molar Volume of Gases


Oct. 6

% Composition & Empirical Formula

% Composition & Empirical Formula PDF

Oct. 10

Introduction to Stoichiometry


Oct. 12

Balancing Equations


Oct. 13

Gas Stoichiometry; Reaction Yields


Oct. 16

Limiting & Excess Reactants


Oct. 17

Molecular Formula



*Click on images to open a larger image in a new window.


Unit 4: Atomic Structure


Additional Files*

Oct. 31

Intro to Basic Atomic Structure; Isotopes; Average Atomic Mass


Nov. 2

Unraveling the Structure of the Atom: Thomson CRT, Millikan Oil Drop & Rutherford Gold Foil

Mass Spectrometry  

Nov. 3

Unravelling the Structure of the Atom: Proton & Neutron



*Click on images to open a larger image in a new window.



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