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Chem Honors: Lecture Notes



The notes from Units 1 to 9 have been moved to the Notes Archive page, where the links will be active for the remainder of the year.


Unit 11: Gases


Additional Files*

Mar. 3

Gases & Pressure (Notes Per 3) (Notes Per 6)

Gases & Pressure PDF

Mar. 4

The Gas Laws: P vs. V, V vs. T, V vs. P (Notes Per 3) (Notes Per 6)

Mar. 5

Ideal Gas Law; Molar Mass & Density; Stoichiometry (Notes Per 3) (Notes Per 6)


Mar. 6

Partial Pressures & Gas Collections over H2O (Notes Per 3) (Notes Per 6)


Mar. 10

Kinetic-Molecular Theory & Effusion

Kinetic-Molecular Theory & Effusion pdf



Mar. 11

Vapor Pressure & Boiling Point (Notes Per 3) (Notes Per 6)


Mar. 12

Phase Diagrams (Notes Per 3) (Notes Per 6)

Triple Point:


Supercritical Fluid:

Mar. 13

Real vs. Ideal Gases (Notes Per 3) (Notes Per 6)



Ammonia Fountain:


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Unit 12: Solutions


Additional Files*

Mar. 16

Solutions & Solubility

Mar. 17

Solution Concentration: Molarity & Preparing Molar Solutions (Class Notes)

Mar. 18

Solution Stoichiometry (Class Notes)

Mar. 24

Colligative Properties: Definition & Theory

Frozen Solution

Mar. 25

Colligative Properties Calculations



*Click on images to open a larger image in a new window.



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