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November 12, 2018

This week we will continue Unit 5: Nuclear Chemistry. There is no lab this week; instead we will work on an article about carbon-14 dating and finish up the Specific Heat lab, due on Wednesday.


The calendars for September through October have been moved to the Calendar Archives page, where all links will remain active for the entire school year.

November 2018

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Week 10

Syllabus 9-10


Go Over Unit 4 Review


Specific Heat Notes


Specific Heat WKS

Unit 4 Quest: Atomic Structure


Finish Specific Heat WKS (Key); Read Specific Heat Lab

Specific Heat Lab(Due 11/14)

Begin Unit 5, Nuclear Chem: α, β, γ Radiation; Nuclear Decay Equations


Radiation Properties & Decay WS


HW #5-1

Teachers’ Professional Day–No School

Teachers’ Professional Day–No School

    12 13 14 1st MP Ends 15 16

Week 11

Syllabus 11-12


Radiation & Nuclear Stability


Band of Stability


Nuclear Stability WS


HW #5-2

Half-Life & C-14 Dating; Nuclear Decay Series


Half-Life & Radioactive Dating WS


C-14 Dating Article & WS (Due 11/16)


HW #5-3


Specific Heat Lab Due


Induced Transmutation; Nuclear Fission & Fusion


Transmutation, Fission & Fusion Reactions WS


HW #5-4

Energy from Nuclear Fission & Fusion


Nuclear Energy WS


Star Born WS & Article (Due 11/26)


HW #5-5

C-14 Dating WS Due


Nuclear Power from Fission & Fusion


Alchemists’ Dream


Nuclear Power WS


HW #5-6

    19 20 21 ½ Day 22 23

Week 12

Syllabus 11-12


Sources, Measurement & Effects of Radiation


Sources of Radiation WS


HW #5-8

Nuclear Plant Accidents: Three Mile Island, Chernobyl and Fukushima


Nuclear Accidents WS


HW #5-7

Pep Rally at 11:08 – 20-min Periods


Unit 5 & 5.5 Review WS


Work on Star Born WS


HW #5-9

Thanksgiving Day–No School

Thanksgiving Recess–No School

    26 27 28 29 30

Week 13


Star Born WS Due


Unit 5 Review

Test Unit 5: Nuclear Chemistry


Intro to Unit 6: Waves— Electromagnetic spectrum, wavelength, frequency and energy


Wavelength, Frequency & Energy WS


HW #6-1

Wave-Particle Nature of Light


Photoelectric Effect WS


HW #6-2

Gas Discharge Tubes & Emission/ Absorption Line Spectra


Bohr Atom WS


HW #6-3

Soiurce of Line Spectra; Bohr Model of the Atom


Bohr Atom WS


HW #6-4



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