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March 18, 2019

This week we will begin Unit 12: Solutions. On Tuesday, our lab will investigate making and analyzing solution concentrations, and we will use Beer’s Law to analyze our aspirin samples from a previous unit.


The calendars for September through the first two weeks of March have been moved to the Calendar Archives page, where all links will remain active for the entire school year.


March 2019

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Week 28

Syllabus 27-28


Solution Concentration: Molarity & Preparing Molar Solutions


Molarity Calculations WS


HW: Prelab

Molarity Lab & Aspirin Purity (Due 3/26)


Beer’s Law


HW #12-1

Begin Unit 12: Solutions & Solubility


Solubility Curves WS


HW #12-2

Solution Stoichiometry


Solution Stoichiometry WS


HW #12-3

Colligative Properties: Definition & Theory


Colligative Properties Demos


Colligative Properties WS


HW 12-4

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Week 29


Colligative Properties Calculations


Colligative Properties Calculations WS


Work on Molarity Lab

HW #12-5

Molarity Lab Due


Unit 12 Review


Solutions Review WS


HW #12-6


Begin Unit 13, Thermochemistry: Endothermic & Exothermic Energy Diagrams


Driving Forces Video


The Driving Forces WS

Review Unit 12



Test Unit 12: Solutions


HW #13-1

Exo/Endo Demo


Exo/Endo WS


HW #13-2


April 2019

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Week 30


Entropy & Spontaneity


Enthalpy, Entropy & Spontaneity WS


HW #13-3

Combustion Lab(Due 4/8)


Gibb’s Free Energy (ΔG) Calculations


Gibb’s Free Energy WS


HW #13-4

State Functions & Hess’s Law


Hess’s Law I WS


Work on Combustion Lab


HW #13-5

ΔH of Formation & Hess’s Law


Heats of Formation Table


Hess’s Law II WS


HW #13-6

Heating & Cooling Curves


Demo: Freezing Point of Stearic Acid & Intro to PASCO


Heating & Cooling Curve WS


HW #13-7



3rd MP Ends

11 NJSLA 12

Week 31


Combustion Lab Due


Kinetics: Energy Diagrams & Collision Theory


Collision Theory WS


HW #13-8

Class Does Not Meet

Factors Affecting Reaction Rates


Demos: The Pink Catalyst, Elephant Toothpaste


Factors in Reaction Rates WS


HW #13-9

Class Does Not Meet

Dry Ice Demos!
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Spring Break–No School

Spring Break–No School

Spring Break–No School

Spring Break–No School

Spring Break–No School

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Week 32


The Rate Law


Rate Laws WS


HW #13-10

Lab: Iodine Clock (Due 5/4)


Reaction Mechanisms


Rate Law Funnel Demo


Reaction Mechanisms & Rate Laws WS


HW #13-11

Unit 13 Review


HW #13-11; Watch Catalysis CHEM Study Video

Iodine Clock Lab Due


Go Over Unit 13 Review

Test Unit 13: Spontaneity & Kinetics



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