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May 20, 2019

This week we will continue Unit 15, Acids & Bases. Our lab will be the classic acid-base titration lab. Friday there is no school as we start the Memorial Day Weekend early.


The calendars for September through the first two weeks of May have been moved to the Calendar Archives page, where all links will remain active for the entire school year.


May 2019

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Week 35

Syllabus 35-36


Test Unit 14: Equilibrium

Conductivity Demo Intro Unit 15: Acids & Bases


Conductivity Demo Data Chart (Day 1 Key)


HW #15-1


“Minilab” & Article: Making Ice Cream: Cool Chemistry

Analysis of Conductivity Demo


Equations of Non-electrolytes, Acids, Bases and Salts


Conductivity Demo WS (Key)


HW #15-2

Properties of Acids & Bases; Brønsted Acids and Bases: Conjugate Acids and Conjugate Bases


Brønsted Acids & Bases WS (Key)


HW #15-3

Strengths of Acids & Bases; Ka & Kb Calculations: ICE Tables


Acid-Base Equilibrium WS (Key)


HW #15-4

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Week 36

Syllabus 35-36


Rainbow Demo, pH & pOH


pH & pOH WS (Key)


HW #15-5

Neutralization Reactions and Acid-Base Titrations

  • Example and demo/intro lab


Acid-Base Titration WS


Lab: Acid-Base Titrations (Due 5/29)


HW #15-6

Dr. C at Physics Day


Work on Titrations Lab


Acid Rain WKS (Submit on Google Classroom)

Salt Hydrolysis: Hydrolysis & Buffers Demo Part A


Salt Hydrolysis WS


The Invisible Fire WS (Due 5/30 on Google Classroom)


HW #15-7

Memorial Day Weekend–No School

    27 28 29 NJSLA-S 30 NJSLA-S 31

Week 37


Memorial Day–No School

Buffers: Hydrolysis & Buffers Demo Part B


Buffers WS


Acid-Base Review WS


HW 15-8

Titrations Lab Due


Discuss Buffers WKS & Acids-Bases Review Part I


Work on Review Part II


HW #15-9

Class Does Not Meet


(Invisible Fire Due on Google Classroom)

Review Unit 15: Acids & Bases



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