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Chem Honors


September 9, 2019

Welcome to Chemistry! We will begin this week with an introduction to the class and laboratory safety. Next week we will begin exploring the world of chemistry and have our first lab. We will have two quizzes this week: one on safety on Monday and one on Unit 1 on Thursday.


Here is the CER video:


As each unit is completed, the appropriate calendar weeks will be moved to the Calendar Archives page, where all links will remain active for the entire school year.


Color Key

Period 3

Period 6


September  2019

    Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
    2 3 4 5 1st Day of School 6

Week 1

Syllabus 1-2


Labor Day

Staff In-Service Day

Staff In-Service Day

Course Introduction


Chemistry Demos


HW: Google Form & Sign up for Remind (See Homework page)

Safety, Lab Equipment


Lab Safety Rules

Lab Equipment


HW: Safety Slip

    9 10 11 12 13

Week 2

Syllabus 1-2


Lab Safety Quiz


Mixtures, Elements & Compounds


POGIL: Classificaiton of Matter (Key)


WKS 1-1: Elements, Compounds & Mixtures (Key)


HW #1-1; Read & Highlight Lab

Target Inquiry: Chemical & Physical Changes (Key)


Lab: Evidence of an Interaction: CuCl2/Al (due 9/16)


HW #1-2


Unit 2.1: Scientific Method & CER Model


Go over CuCl2 Lab


Scientific Method/CER WS (Key)


HW #2-1

Unit 1: Mixtures, Elements & Compounds Quiz


Unit 2.2: Units, SI Prefixes, Density


Units & Density WS


HW #2-2

Unit 2.3: Scientific Notation


Scientific Notation WS


HW #2-3

    16 17 18 19 20

Week 3


CuCl2 Lab Due


Unit 2.4: Accuracy & Precision; Significant Figures in Measurements


Discuss Candle Lab

Significant Figures in Measurements WS


HW: Read & Highlight Lab

Lab: Density Lab (Archimedes Article) (due 9/26)


HW #2-4

Discuss Density Lab & Check Density Graphs


Unit 2.5: Significant Figures in Calculations


Significant Figures in Calculations WS


HW #2-5

Unit 2.6: Conversion Factors & Dimensional Analysis


Dimensional Analysis I WS


HW #2-6

Unit 2.7: Multi-Step & Double-Unit Conversions


Dimensional Analysis II WS


HW #2-7

    23 24 25 26 27

Week 4


Unit 2 Review WS


HW: Read & Highlight Lab

Density Lab Due


Lab: The Burning Candle Lab (due 10/3)


HW #2-8

Discuss Candle Lab


Introduction to Moles & Stoichiometry: Electrolysis of H2O


History of the Mole WS


Gay-Lussac & Avogadro Article


HW #3-1

Review Unit 2


Extra Practice WS--Optional


HW: Study for Test

Unit 2 Test: Measurement & Calculations




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